Strings parts not changing from pizzicato to arco

• Dec 2, 2021 - 03:58

For many of my scores, in the strings parts, after I place a single pizzicato, the entire part becomes pizzicato even when I put an arco after it. I can't seem to remedy this no matter how many arco markings I put. Has anyone ever encountered this or knows how to mitigate it? Thank you!


Score needed. If you do use the corresponding texts from the text palette and an up-to-date instruments definition (if need be, like if the score stems from an older version of MuseScore, 'change' instrument to the same as it is already via Staff/Part Properties) this should work.

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As said, that score seems to use an old instrument definition, where the "arco" channel is called "normal", the text from the text palette doesn't expec this though.
Either change the properties if these "arco" texts to switch to "normal" (here: tick the voices in the dialog) or "change" the instrument to Violoncellos. Same for Viola and Double Bass. (and this does work, at least for me)
And repeat this for the parts (or delete and regenerate them)
The score does stem from a MuseScore version prior to 3.6

Check the attached, where I correctird it for the main score

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Danse Macabre-Violoncello.mscz 175.63 KB

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