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• Dec 3, 2021 - 12:41

What I'm trying to do is hiding the piano part so I can print smaller charts for the rest of the band. The problem is I would like to keep the Piano Intro. I've already tried "hide empty staves" and all the tricks available but to no avail so far. One thing that occurred to me just now is the possibility to double only the intro part with another piano part and hide just the empty staves, and make the original piano part invisible. I'lI let you know if it works. I accept suggestions though.


If I'm understanding correctly - the piano part is not empty, but you wish to hide it only for certain portions of the score - then the method you describe is exactly how I'd go about it as well.

But indeed, as mentioned, unless you have a very unusual band, most of the time people don't want to see anything but their own part, so simply generating the parts via File / Parts is all you need. At most, add "cues" from the piano part in the opening measures of the other parts.

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Your are correct, what I’m doing IS unusual. The reason being is that sometimes we don’t have a pianist available. In this case the intro is just to remind the band that there is a melody that should be played at the beginning of the song, and is very easy to be adapted by other instruments. By the way my method worked perfectly. Thanks for chiming in.

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