musescore3 adding subharmonic notes

• Dec 3, 2021 - 17:49

Musescore 3 appears to be adding subharmonic notes when I compose. In a new composition, I select a rest, hit the "n" key to select a note of the same duration, place the cursor on the staff for the appropriate not, and a note 12 ledger lines below the desired note is added in the next note position. If I do not click the Esc key, the sub harmonic notes continue to be added at about 1 second intervals. A very low tone is also heard with the subharmonic notes.
I have done a "revert to factory settings" in Musescore 3 Help but that has not corrected the issue.


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When I attempt to enter a not (cursor or qwerty) the low notes begin appearing. In Neptune, with the cursor, I click "n" and they appear when I click on the staff location for the new note. With qwerty, they begin appearing as soon as I select the duration and note value on the keyboard. I am in the "blue cursor" mode.

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The notes continue to be added when I use qwerty entry. In other words, they continue to be added with no action from me until I click the Esc key to stop it. It occurs in any file I open. When I use mouse entry, once I hit note and place the cursor, the notes start getting entered. I will try deleting the measures to see if that changes anything.

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  1. I open Musescore from my desktop shortcut with a mouse click.
  2. I open a file from either the start Center, Open or Open Recent.
    Files are stored in Score until I covert them to MIDI and import to ProTools. Neptune is in Pro Tools, End is not.
  3. File opens with Subharmonic notes present if I saved file with the notes. If I deleted the notes prior to save then they are not present.
  4. I select a rest (turns blue), mouse select a note duration.
  5. I click the "n" key to initiate note selection. At that point the cursor turns to a blue note of the correct duration.
  6. When I place the blue note cursor on the staff at the desired location, a note of the same duration 12 ledger lines lower appears.
  7. If i do nothing, notes of the same duration continue to be added.
  8. The only way to stop notes being entered is to tap the Esc key.

Having said all this, when I opened Musescore to go through the steps in order to record them for you, everything worked perfectly. I have removed several MS Windows updates and I went into Musescore Preferences Note Input and changed the "delay between notes in automatic real-time mode" value from 750ms to 700ms. In Preferences I/O I changed API to ASIO and changed the MIDI input to my (rarely used) MIDI keyboard (Axiom 25).

So right now, Musescore is working correctly. I am baffled and can only assume that some anomaly occured that has corrected.

I would greatly appreciate any insight you might provide.

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Still sounds likely to have been a hardware problem that somehow fixed itself. If it happens again, though, we' need the steps to reproduce. Just the part starting from when the score is loaded,d but then it would be important to tell us exactly 8which* note or rest you are selecting to enter note input mode, and tell us exactly where you are clicking to enter a note (what note you are trying to enter).

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