Chaange number of bars in a stave

• Dec 4, 2021 - 13:38

Once I have. entered a score, I would like to change the number of measures in a system.
E.G. Original score 2 measures per stave would like to change to 3 or 4 measures per stave.
Sometime an extra page contain only 3 measures, so I would like to be able to change previous pages to accommodate were possible the extra measures


If you have system beaks on the "short systems" delete them and measures from the next system will move.

If you have no system breaks then realise you can only fit a certain amount of music of a certain size between page margins. To fit more you need to reduce the size of the music by reducing the scaling or by having smaller margins.

As mentioned, you can only fit what actually fits given your current settings, so something will have to change. In order for us to understand and assist better, we'd need you to attach your score, then we can make suggestions as to which settings might be best altered.

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Marc, I come from Sibelius.... and I am fed-up with all the registration nonsense's......I found your program and I am delighted with the easy flow. I am really new only a couple of days...... my query is to be able to introduce or reduce measures in a system or add/subtract systems from a page. I realise that would change the format to allow the changes.......would that be automatic? or do i need to change font sizes - margins etc. if so then I rather leave it as the program fits best.
As you can see from the Invention no 13 by JS Bach I have a third page with 2 measures...... so i would like to condense into the previous page.
Sergio Zampolli

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You can insert measures and delete them too, see
You can hide empty staves, or mark an entire instrument invisible
You can reduce stretche to squeeze more measure into a system, up to a certain point, after that you can change the overall size of the score.

Best to read the entire handbook front to back at least once, it is time well invested

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Hi! As mentioned, in order to assist better, we'd need you to attach your score here. Then we can understand and assist better.

Generally speaking, shrinking things to fit onto two pages if it's currently two extra measures is not hard, just a matter of using a slightly small staff size or slightly tighter note spacing or some combination of the two. The former control is in Layout / Page Settings (Staff space), the latter in Layout / Style / Measure (Spacing).

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