Mid or xml

• Dec 5, 2021 - 19:39

I’ m trying to import a .mid or .xml file true the open (+) option in songbook. With both I get the popup ‘ the file extension should be .mscz instead xml/mid’

I read on the forum that this should work. What am I missing?


Songbook is the mobile app for diplaying scores with MuseScore - the actual notation program. Songbook and other mobile apps don't open any other formats to my knowledge, only actual MuseScore files. So you need to use MuseScore on your computer to open those. You can then edit them and save them, and then they will be in MuseScore format and Songbook can access them.

If you don't have MuseScore installed on your computer yet, get it from the Download menu at top left of this page.

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