Repeats and Jumps combinations -- (combining DC's, DS's, Codas, Fine, and Volta brackets)

• Dec 6, 2021 - 03:08

I am trying to transcribe Chopin's Waltz in C# Minor into a simplified, unaccompanied flute version.

The repeating themes in the piece are A B B C B B A B B.

I have been experimenting, trying to find a a way to score themes A, B and C each once, and hook them together using a combination of DC's, DS's, Codas, Fine, simple repeats, and Volta brackets.

Typically, the piece is written as A B B [Fine] C B B [DC al Fine].
Even just wrapping a single repeat about the B, rather than writing out B B, does not work, because after the DC al Fine, the repeat no longer repeats.

None of this is really necessary. Copy and paste works just fine. But it is a personal challenge for me to achieve brevity. Fewer pages to turn or fumble. Also a resonance with mathematical elegance (analogous to simplifying an algebraic expression).

Any thoughts?


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Oops. Your example works great, jm6stringer! It is even in the spirit and key signatures of Chopin's waltz. Thanks for your extra efforts.

Your example successfully plays A B B C B B A B B.

But when I try it in the fuller context, my version plays A B B C B A B B. It seems like the DC al Fine is overriding the repeats and going straight to the beginning at that point in time.

Here is my version (abbreviated so that you can listen to it quickly):
Chopin Waltz Op 64, No. 2 (solo) Ver 2.6 exp.mscz

There are a couple of changes from your example, but those changes do not change the results. I have tried it with and without the pickup measures, and also with DC al Fine vs. DS al Fine. In both cases, I made sure the "Play Repeats" was checked.

Can you see anything that I am missing?

Thanks in advance.

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At the 1.3.4. volta, the playcount of the measure with the end repeat barline needs to be set higher. You have it set to 2.
The handbook says:
"The play count of the measure with the end repeat barline must be set one higher than the number of times you want the measure to play (this is usually equal to the number of entries in that volta repeat list + 1)."

So, the volta repeat list has three entries 1, 3, 4.
3 + 1 = 4, so increase the playcount to 4.
Result: Chopin Waltz Op 64, No. 2 playcount.mscz


P.S.: Regarding your topic "Repeats and Jumps combinations -- (combining DC's, DS's, Codas, Fine, and Volta brackets)"
Some frivolity: Crazy_Happy_Birthday.mscz

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Hi, jm6stringer.

Firstly, thank you for the Crazy Happy Birthday. Besides being instructional, I love watching it play in MuseScore - ROTFL. Did you write that, or did it come from a resource somewhere?

Thank you so much for fixing my Chopin Waltz score. Although you solved my problem, I am not sure that I fully understand what is happening.
Chopin Waltz Op 64, No. 2 playcount.ending.jpg

The online documentation is quite good, although I never can seem to find what I need to know when I use the online document search. It also does not always hit the level of detail that I am interested in. Thanks also for the YouTube reference. Another good resource, showing tips and tricks in a musical context.

Thank you so much for your help. I seem to never stop learning new things about MuseScore. I am delighted with your solution for my Chopin Waltz transcription. I am experimenting with the repeats and jumps, just to deepen my understanding of how MuseScore works.


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You asked:
What causes the playback to jump over measure 24 to the Fine in measure 25?

The same thing that caused it to jump over measure 24 the first time. That is, the 1. volta is taken and the B section is played again (remember: play repeats is checked), after which the 2. volta is taken -- though this (last) time the score ends at the Fine (al Fine).

Which score are you using? I do not see anything with a 2. 5. volta, with the "5." in the "Begin text" for human clarity. Is that the score that you increase Measure 41's 'Play count" from 2 to 3 and it ends with measure 23?

While it's true section B plays six times, the play count resets after the 4th ending completes. When the D.S. is taken, the playcount starts again (play repeats is checked) and so the score ends when it hits the Fine during the 2. volta.

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Hi, jm6stringer.

 I did not save the score that I was using.  I was just experimenting with varying properties in the abbreviated Chopin score that you fixed for me.  I put all the parameters back, and it works fine.

 Thanks for telling me that taking the DS, resets the repeat counts.   That is helpful.

 But I am still  missing something.

 Here is an absolutely minimalist score:   Repeats and Jumps.mscz 
    Repeats and Jumps.jpg
 As near as I can tell, it maps exactly to the abbreviated Chopin score that you fixed for me.
 However, the Chopin score takes the DS *after* Section C is completed.
 Whereas the minimalistic score above takes the DC *before* Section C plays.  Therefore Section C never plays.   I am sure that it must be something simple that I am overlooking.

  (The stopping prematurely on Measure 23 that I mentioned previously, was in irreproducible anomaly.  I have a very sensitive glide pad that does unpredictable things even if my hand only hovers near it).

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OMG! Thank you Everybody! Quite a musical typo!

And it seemed that I was unable to delete the volta 1 bracket.

I must have kept trying to fix it, because the version that I have on my computer had at least six volta 1's stacked on top of each other. Once I spread them out, I could delete them.

Apparently, "Automatic placement" does not prevent stacking volta brackets.

Now the score works as desired. Thanks again!

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