Sibelius to MS Transfer Request

• Dec 6, 2021 - 14:21

I am preparing production of Thomas Serle’s 1835 melodrama “The Shadow on the Wall.” The score for the play was created by Scottish composer John Thomson (1805-1841.) I found a copy of the score for the overture to the play at this website . It is for Sibelius. I only have Musecore. Would someone be willing to transfer this file to a format readable by MS?


Well, since I have no volunteers to help me out on this, I've started the process of inputting Thomson's Overture into Musecore by hand. I'm already on Page 4. The only problem so far is that Musecore does not have the alto or bass tromebone parts that are provided in the Sibelius score. The process is slow, but the overture sounds good so far.

Thank you! I've found the alto and bass trombones and am continuing to copy Thomson's score to Musecore. I haven't had a lot of time for it in the past few days, so I've only progressed to Page 6, but this is a fascinating project and I'm learning lots of new functions of the program I'd never tried out before along the way...

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