XML format

• Dec 7, 2021 - 19:46

It would be great to know whether Musescore can display a list of available sheet music IN XML FORMAT, or a way of finding whether a particular work is available as an XML file. For users of Sibelius software, this would be brilliant. Any possibility of this?


As far as I know, all music on musescore.com is available in MusicXMl format. If you are talking bout something other than musescore.com, it isn't clear how you are suggesting MuseScore could be involved in producing such a list?

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As noted, literally every score on musescore.com that is available to download at all, is available in that format as well as others. So, searching on that term is not necessary, and would in fact be counterproductive - it would only turn up scores where for whatever reason, someone actually included that term in the title or description of the score, which would indeed be pretty rare. So sure, searching on that term shows only a few scores, but that doesn't mean only those scores are available in MusicXML format.

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