Why do some different voice notes not stack in place?

• Dec 9, 2021 - 10:17

In the next to last system of this piece, in bass clef bars 4 and 5, the second voice notes don't merge with the first voice notes. I entered the notes before I added the slurs. Offset doesn't merge them.

Is there a way to make these notes look like the rest of the notes?

Thanks, Wizards. You're the best. <3

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No idea what next to last system you'rte talking about, that score is in continuous view and as such a single system. And doesn't match the image either. Even in page view there's just one system per page.

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Thanks for making me clarify things, Jojo. :)

It's the next to the last system of the original second page, the last eight bars of "piano" continuous view. I haven't hidden all the instruments yet. When it's finished, only the voice and piano will show, but the sound file will have piano muted and the rest of the instruments will play.

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Yes. Those. I finally communicated it!. Thanks for your patience. And a screen shot is a good idea for me going forward too. :)

This is for Distributed Proofreaders, and ultimately for Project Gutenberg. My Musescore png has to match the original jpg. In this case, a bassoon are the upper notes with stems pointed up and a contra bass are the lower notes with stems pointed down.

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Not stems, Shoichi. Although there are lots of stems going from the treble into the base staves. I've wondered if that's an indication to play those notes with the left hand on the piano. Makes me think about the piece again. Maybe it IS piano and instruments, not just instruments using piano as a simple scoring guide. Thanks for asking! <3

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