Chance or random music

• Dec 18, 2021 - 03:07

I noticed there is some sort of random generator in Musescore. Here's my problam:

I write short phrases for several instruments and 2 percussionists. The instruction is to play these phrases in tempo whenever they feel like it. This lasts till the conductor signals it to end. There is a protocol to get out of that section and into the next section of the music.

I realize this in my DAW or Musescore by sort of making it up myself but would be cool to have it randomly done. My Sonar has nothing like this. Does Musescore? I'm thinking I would apply it and Musescore would write out the result... something like that.




That's definitely the sort of things plugins would be good for. I don't see one currently for this, but I'm sure if some people brainstormed here about what properties they'd like such a plugin to have, someone could design and create it.

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The design part is mostly about agreeing on how you'd like it to work - what kind of control you'd envision the user having, what kind of results expect it to produce, etc. Then if you're a programmer, you can consult the documentation on the QML language and the MuseScore plugin framework specifically as given in the Handbook and the online help within the Plugin Creator in MuseScore. If you're not a programmer, you would start by taking some programming courses :-)

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