Custom instrument with one line stave

• Dec 19, 2021 - 14:44


I create my custom instrument to drive an organ.
It works very well. Very simple too use. Very nice job.

Nevertheless i have a strange behaviour.
For registration/stop control I use midi controls change on a special stave with no note but only stave text with midi actions.

To minimize the space i assign a one line stave with :
stafftype staffTypePreset="perc1Line"percussion/stafftype

Nevertheless when i create a new instrument with keyboard > St Jo - Controleurs the stave created is a classic 5 lines stave. when i change the instrument with stave property > change instrument the result becomes well a 1 line stave.
If i assign drumset1/drumset it works with creation but the midi channel is fixed to 10 and i need channel 16 for that organ.

Do i need to change something to have 1 line stave for new instrument ?
If not is it possible to have 1 line in creation like in substitution without drumset?

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This hack could work but the target is to have 1 line when creating the instrument and not to edit each time the staff.
If i edit i prefer change the instrument by itself and the staff becomes well 1line percussion and not standard staff.

I just not understand why the Staff/Part properties"/Advanced Style Properties is standard when creation different from xml file specification and well percussion when replacement.
Maybe it's a bug which need patch.

I see <synti>Aeolus</synti>, but that is dead since long (and actually never existed in any released version of MuseScore). Apart from that O don't understand why you'd want an organ on a single one-line percussion staff?

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Alhough it can export MIDI (primarily note-on note-off events), MuseScore was designed as a scorewriter. It may lack advanced sequencing tools. Perhaps a MIDI editor which will allow you to insert instructions directly into the MIDI file to trigger the organ controller might be better suited to your purpose.

(P.S.: Video was dark... MIDI can also be used to control stage lighting...)

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