Tantacrul's Information on MuseScore 4 and VST

• Dec 26, 2021 - 23:28

Back in September, on the "Our Progress on MuseScore 4 - Update 2," Tantacrul had this to say concerning NotePerformer: "About VST & NotePerformer: Some users have been asking whether the initial release of MuseScore 4 will support NotePerformer. Although it is true that we initially intended to support NotePerformer for 4.0, we have instead decided to focus our efforts on our own orchestral playback plugin (codenamed 'MuseSampler') which will be available to download and install for free. We will be releasing more information about this plugin soon. Please note that the MuseSampler will likely not be available until late in beta testing." This is disappointing news to me. The whole reason I wanted to use MuseScore 4 was not only for the engraving and architectural overhaul. I wanted to use NotePerformer.

However, in October, in the "Update 3," Tantacrul had this to say: "Our codename for the new system we are building is MusePlaybackEvents. It will be an open event format that ensures the utmost precision when detailing the data required for high-quality and realistic playback, without losing compatibility with MIDI and VST. As I mentioned already, this was not work we had originally planned to do for MuseScore 4 but as we continue to experiment with higher quality samplers, we have come to realise that MusePlaybackEvents is a necessary investment right now. Not only will it open doors to take advantage of the full capabilities of our default (Fluid synth) playback, it will also allow us to build features that will provide exciting opportunities for VSTi's and MIDI 2.0 in the future too. We believe this work adds around 2.5 months to our schedule."

What does this mean? Is NotePerformer being integrated after all? If so, will it be available in the alpha or beta version of MuseScore 4? Is there any way I can reach out to Tantacrul?

Thank you.


This means that the internal playback system got a rewrite and more detailed playback interpretation functions will be supported by it a bit sooner than first planned.

It has no effect on NotePerformer support (which afaik is not under development) but should allow other playback engines using the MusePlaybackEvents (such as the "MuseSampler") to eventually reach a similar level of playback interpretation.

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