Problem with a and b note in violin mode

• Jan 4, 2022 - 14:54

I have a problem with the a and b note when writing a score the violinsound. When I raise the volume I hear a bumbing sound on the parts in the score where a and b notes are. Anyone familiar with this and how to fix this problem?

Here is the score that I have this problem with:

Just raise up the volume a little and you will hear it.


I've downloaded your score and turned up the volume,. Can you be more specific about which notes in which measure you believe to have an issue? I'm not hearing anything offhand.

The slur at the beginning (violin measure 1/2should rather be a tie, same for other slurs that do span several notes, Viola and Cello measure 10, viola measure 18/19
And yes, I hear that too, using the HQ soundfont, on the violin and every A and B above the staff (and also on some G and G#), sounds a bit like a pizzicato bass

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Thank you for the input and help with sorting this out. I will change the score and look into different soundfonts. Used a Focusrite soundcard and even tried to rewrite the violinpart but it didn't work. Maybe my windows messes it up as well. Or maybe I just need to learn more about how Musescore works. Anyway. Thanks again.

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