Nested repeats and Volta

• Jan 17, 2022 - 00:23

I'm hoping there's a way to construct the described repeat structure for the attached example:

Repeat and Volta test 3x within 4x.mscz

Line 1 works as desired the first time through, but the "Play 3x" (bars 1 and 2) fails on the second pass.

Thanks, scorster


Nested repeats are not part of standard notation and don't make sense in real life - musicians almost invariably trip over them and go back to the "wrong" place (not there is any "right" place, since it's non-standard notation to begin with.

Using a DS or DC, on the other hand, works fine. Just be sure to add text that explicitly says "take repeats" (since the standard is not to), and also check the corresponding option in the Inspector to get MuseScore to honor that. Getting all that to happen more than twice is kind of another matter. You could try to add text instructions in hopes of a human musician making sense out of it, but, chances are good it will be misunderstood.

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