dist between TAB staves ?

• Jan 21, 2022 - 17:36

why is distance between staves on pg1 different than on pg2?
I want pg 2 to look like pg1. I can't figure out how I got pg1 to be as it is.

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Your second page has way fewer systems than your first, so the default is to spread them out to avoid unprofessional-looking blocks of empty space at the bottom of the page. The solution is simple - change where you have your page break, to have a more consistent number of systems per page.

If you have a special reason to want the giant block of empty space at the bottom of the second page instead, you can get that a couple of different ways. Most straightforward is to add a spacer from the palette to the last measure, then size it according to how big you want that block to be. Another special one that works well only in the case of single-staff scores like this (don't do it for scores of multiple staves per system, like an ensemble, or even solo guitar with standard notation + tab) is to go to Format / Style / Page and disable vertical justification of staves. it will happen to do good things for single-staff scores like this, but will create problems in scores with multiple staves for system. You'll also want to adjust the minimum and/or maximum system distance if you use this approach. The spacer is simpler and safer, but the page break is by far best of all.

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In which case, do nothing, and all will be well. In general, you shouldn't be trying to fiddle with layout until you
are done with the music. Otherwise you'll make decisions based on how things look now that turn out to be counterproductive in the end, like adding space where none will turn out to have been needed to now you have too much, or reducing space in a place where in the end, the default would have been correct, so now you have too little.

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