• Jan 23, 2022 - 19:08

Euphonium is not equal (sound-wise) to trombone, nor Cornet/Trumpet to Flugelhorn. BUT, that's what I have to use in order to

Suggestions to get those instruments?

I basically only use MuseScore to upload from Finale to MusicFirst as practice files for my students, if that's any help. Finale won't directly upload to MusicFirst's engine.

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Not sure what you mean exactly - you can certainly add Euphonium as an instrument by searching it in the instruments list. Or do you mean the playback sound specifically? It's not part of the GM standard so the default soundfont doesn't include it, but if you do a web search for "euphonium soundfont" you should be able to find something, then install it as per the Handbook section on soundfonts.

Ditto on flugelhorn or cornet.

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