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• Jan 25, 2022 - 14:44

I'm a neuroscientist in my Ph.D. program working on a music cognition project. I was wondering if there was a way to export wav files on each individual chord in a piece. I know you can separate parts in musescore using the batch export plugin in a horizontal fashion (just the soprano line) but is there a way to export audio in a horizontal fashion (each chord)?

I have 4 voiced 8 chord long compositions. I need to get an audio file for each chord rather than a line or the entire piece. Is there an intuitive way to achieve this? Thank you!


You could make sure that every chord is in a measure of its oen, and use section breaks on every measure, export to WAV and then split the resulting single WAV at the 3 seconds silence between those sections?

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If the chords are all the same length, look at Edit / Paste Double Duration - after selecting a range where the chords are all quarters, copy then paste double turns them into halves, then doing that again turns them into whole notes.

To add section breaks more easily, you can define a keyboard shortcut in Edit / Preferences / Shortcuts.

Probably a plugin could be written to automate either or both of these tasks.

You want separate WAV files so I presume you are playing them back individually? Why not create eight staves, one per stave. Then create Parts and export each Part as a separate WAV file?

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