Stems offset positions in Musescore 2.0 Beta1

• Sep 11, 2014 - 07:26

The offset position of stems is not saved in the file. If the position of a note is offset, you have to offset the stem as well to keep it's appearance. Saving the file will preserve the offset of the note head but not the stem. Upon opening the file after saving and closing, the stem reverts to it's original position.

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You are talking about moving the notehead and stem in two separate operations? How are you doing the move? The stem would normally follow automatically if using double-click and arrow keys to do the move. And if you are using the Inspector, it should also move automatically. And in both cases, when I tried it, it survived the save/reload just fine.

So can you describe more precisely, step by step, what you are doing?

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So to answer your question, I was using the inspector to adjust the position of the noteheads in the horizontal axis, and I had to move the stem the same adjustment to get it to line up with note head. It's not a big deal as I'm only using for small files, but I could see it being a head ache with a large score with a lot of position adjustments.

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This is a complete mystery.

Moving a note's horizontal offset in MuseScore 2.0 beta using the inspector moves the stem as well as the notehead, certainly on my Windows 8.1 pro machine.

This suggests you may be doing something wrong.

Please list the exact steps you are taking to achieve this result.

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Ah - I've worked out what you are doing.

You are using the Element offset in the inspector to move the notehead. That indeed just moves the notehead and not the stem.

To move the notehead and stem together you should use the Chord offset. Maybe we need a better name for that section of the Inspector.

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