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• Feb 11, 2022 - 23:30
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After the first verse the repetition of the antiphon (first repetition for measures 1 and 2) no longer works. I can’t get it to work. Who can help me?

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Your repeats seem mismatched - there is no corresponding start repeat for the end repeat at the end of the piece. Thus neither MuseScore nor a human musician would be able to understand the intent here. If the goal is to go back to the beginning, you need a DC, not a repeat - and if you want the repeat from 1-2 played on the DC, you need to check the "play repeats" box to get MuseScore to play it, and text saying that to get human musicians to play it . If the goal is to go back to measure 3, yu need a start repeat there.

In the future, when you have questions about how to use MuseScore, please use the Support forum. This issue tracker is meant more for bug reports than getting support. The forum has way more people able to help.

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Dear Marc, sorry for my question, I'll try the Support forum next time first.
I tried with a DC first but did not check the "play repeats" for the 2 needed repeats. Then I tried with the double repeat bars and as I sent to you. And tried different combinations; none of them worked.
Now I have the solution! See attachment.
Again sorry for having asked to you instead of the support forum. But I am glad now for my choir!

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having a D.C. twice and at the same place is not going to help. Having ticker "Play repeats" on them does though.
Better keep just one and change the text to "D.C. con rep.", so the musicians know too how to repeat.