delete old versions

• Feb 13, 2022 - 04:43

Each day - i've been saving my work on a score with the date added
Now that I've finished the arrangement and satisfied with the results - I want to delete all these old files that are cluttering my work space.
How do I do that?
I press delete but nothing happens - and if I "select all" and delete - it just gives me a blank score with the same old title.
I want to get rid of all these old scores now that I have the one I want.


That sounds like you have them all open in MuseScore at the same time. You would normally delete them from the folder where you saved them. Or close them and say no when you are asked if you want to save them.

These are just ordinary files on your hard drive. Delete them the same way as you would any other files - eg, using Windows Explore,r macOS finder, etc. Just go to the folder you saved them to, select them, and press Delete. Not sure where you are looking now - maybe the Start Center? That's just a list of recent files, and you can clear the list via File / Recent Files, but that doesn't remove them from your hard drive.

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