Shortcut of diminuendo ">" doesn't work

• Sep 12, 2014 - 10:32

Shortcut of diminuendo ">" doesn't work. When I click Shift+, everything is ok and I see crescendo; analogous situation with Shift+. - nothing isn't displaying. I tried to make a new shortcut - nothing.


Are you using CTRL+Shift? Both shortcuts work for me - in Beta 1 and new Nightlies - using Windows 8.1 u1.

(I hope that's not a dumb question, but your post doesn't mention the CTRL key.)

Oh, wait - now I see: CTRL isn't supposed to be necessary, and, without it, what you describe is correct.

I assumed that CTRL was necessary in conjunction with the Shift key without even checking. My bad.

Either this is a bug then, or the Shortcuts tab in Preferences needs to be edited to CTRL+< and CTRL+>.

SHIFT+. is supposed to add staccato according to the list in Edit Preferences. But it doesn't work.

Clearing that shortcut definition makes diminiuendo with that key combination work.

Should an issue be raised for this??

This could be keyboard dependent - I am using a UK keyboard.


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Seems we'd need locale-dependen (or rather keyboard-dependant) shortcut presets?
Is there a way MuseScore / Qt can find out what keybord layout is configured?

Or have keyboard independant shortcits, I give a hoot what key combo someone has to type to get a <, >, + etc., but Qt (?) seems to care?

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Yes, it's a known issue, by me :-) Shift+. and ">" are indeed the same keystroke on most US keyboards. For me, though, it works just fine to redefine one of these shortcuts. Are people really finding that does't work? If you start MuseScore from a terminal window or from within the debugger, do you get any relevant console output when pressing the shortcut? As I recall, before changing "Add staccato" to "Ctrl-"." on my system, I used to get a warning about duplicate shortcuts each time I pressed ">" aka Shift-"."

Anyhow, it's kind of a never-ending battle trying to come up with a set of default shortcuts that work across all keyboard configurations. It's been suggested we actually ship a variety of different shortcut configurations determined by locale or something.

Personally, I'd vote for moving staccato to Ctrl-"." or something else, as I used that very seldom and ">" seems so natural for diminuendo (and better than Shift+H which was the 1.3 shortcut). But I realize that might seem surprising to hardcore 1.3 users accustomed to Shift-"." adding staccato.

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I reset the shortcuts to default.

< (Shift+,) works correctly with no console output.
> (Shift+.) does not work and the console outputs:
QAction::eventFilter: Ambiguous shortcut overload: >

When I redefine the shortcut keys I get this:
capture key 0x200003c modifiers 0x2000000 virt 0x3c scan 0x3b
capture key 0x200003e modifiers 0x2000000 virt 0x3e scan 0x3c >>

Then neither < nor > work.

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