Adding Chromatic noteheads to moveable do

• Feb 26, 2022 - 21:30

Was told somewhere that the github people needed to create these.

Here is the link.…

could we please add them?


In reply to by jamesmmizen

Is this really chromatic moveable do? Since you have the start of a minor scale, the note names should either be La, Ti, Do, Re , or Do, Re, "Ma", Fa. In tonic sol-fa "Ma" is the flattened "M", but the glyphs in the notehead supplement linked above doesn't seem to include it, or the other altered sol-fa syllables.

While putting accidentals in front of notes would be fine if that was all you wanted to do. I also want to be able to use hand signs and the chromatic syllables when singing.

Minor solfege at least in the way I was trained starts on la, but usually has a raised fifth in harmonic and a raised fourth and fifth in melodic, So the solfege needs to reflect this.

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