Accessing odd fonts

• Mar 16, 2022 - 12:59

I need to match a font to the document I am working in—specifically, I need "Baskerville Semibold." I have the font "Baskerville Semibold" in my font collection (MacBook Pro, Big Sur OS 11.1), but all I can access through MuseScore are Baskerville Regular and Baskerville Bold. Is there any way to solve this problem?


Font weights are a never-ending cause of… joy.

If you have the font as “family=Baskerville weight=Semibold” then you can’t use it in most applications, unfortunately, as you’d use the “Baskerville” font, then toggle bold or not.

If you have the font as “family=Baskerville Semibold” you can, but that’s not normally available. I know the exljbris Font Foundry did that (and custom OTF vs TTF versions) for my employer once so we could use specific weights.

On GNU/Linux you could maybe try playing tricks with fontconfig configuration, but on a Macintosh… I’ve no idea.

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Mirabilos, Thanks for the information. It sounds like it would be useful in the hands of someone who knows more than I do about the programming aspects of fonts. Alas, I only know what they look like. But, maybe, with your information, I can find someone who can help me.

Cheers, Jake Sterling

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