Decreasing layout stretch doesn't do it's job even at full compression on some scores.

• Mar 17, 2022 - 16:27

I've been having some serious problems with the layout stretch feature. In the attached screenshot I have compressed the layout as far as it will go yet there are still sections that are stretched in the most illogical way possible. The program refuses to compress these sections no matter what I try and do. I'm planning on printing sheet music and I CANNOT have these stretched section wasting paper!

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Well that's the thing, some of them are almost exactly the same as other measures that will compress yet they still don't. Sometimes the measures compress even harder than would be practical making the score very tight and compact, not that this bothers me but it's still odd that those measures that should be able to compress just don't. I wish MuseScore had a way to prevent this from happening. Thanks for the tip though :)

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