Musescore 3.6 does not recognize my MIDI keyboard

• Mar 24, 2022 - 10:48

Kawai ES920 keyboard
Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 interface
MIDI cables
USB cable from Focusrite to my laptop
HP laptop running Windows 10

I did all the hooks up several times following instructions on YouTube.
When I play the piano, a MIDI light flashes on the interface, so it must be getting a signal.
Musescore does not see my keyboard.

I rebooted the computer, made sure that the keyboard is on before I open MS. still nothing :(

Musescore recognizes the keyboard when I connect a USB cable from the piano directly to the computer.

I am learning Cakewalk software and I would like both MS and CW to recognize my keyboard through Focusrite.

Thank you in advance for your help.


I've seen more people in the forums having issues with a Focusrite Scarlett interface. Definitely also check that Cakewalk/Focusrite can't get exclusive audio access on your system (which would prevent MuseScore from seeing it). That is a setting somewhere in the sound driver/adapter settings within Windows.

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Thanks for your help. How do I check this? "Definitely also check that Cakewalk/Focusrite can't get exclusive audio access on your system (which would prevent MuseScore from seeing it)"

I also have an idea. When I write music with MS, I can use my MIDI keyboard connected to the computer via the USB, when I record using Cakewalk, I will disconnect it and use the the Focusrite with MIDI connections. Does this make sense?

Thank you in advance.

I had this problem before.
The solution for me is simple and stupid. The input on the MIDI cable should go to the output on the MIDI keyboard, the output on the MIDI cable should go to the input on the MIDI keyboard. That was it for me.
Here is the other stuff you may want to check:

This is the USB to MIDI cable. This cable worked with my ancient Casio MIDI keyboard MT_260…

1) Do you see the MIDI device in the Device Manager > Sound, video, and game controller as a USB MIDI?
2) In MuseScore 3, go to Preference, I/O, select the MIDI input/output from the dropdown menu.
Click on the Restart Audio and MIDI Device.

You may have to restart Musescore 3to get it to work.

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Thank you for your advice. I use a USB printer cable. the small end connects directly to the USB output of my ES920 keyboard the other end to the USB input on my computer. I works.
While I own the cable which was shown on your Amazon link, I have not yet tried to use it. As long as I can reduce the drudgery of notation with any cable, I am happy.
I have not yet begun to learn Cakewalk. When I do, I will check out a few YouTube sites that teach how to connect the Focusrite interface so that Cakewalk recognizes it. Wish me luck. :)

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THANX! THANX! THANX!!! to gooddealonly‼️ I was getting so frustrated trying to get my Kurzweil RG200 to work with Musescore, I was about to give up! I had tried everything multiple times from other help sites, when all I had to do was put the IN into the OUT and vice versa! May your sheep produce 100 fold and have no blemishes! 😁
Seriously, many blessings on you for trying something I NEVER would have thought to do!

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