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• Mar 30, 2022 - 15:59
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S5 - Suggestion

It would be useful if MuseScore had a "Paint Format" button as, for example, found in MS Word and Excel.

The idea would be (as in those other apps) the user would select an element in the score, click the Format Paint button and then click on another element of the same type to replicate the formatting of the first selected element to the second. The button would then revert to its off state and so it would be a "once only" operation. Unlike Word and Excel, MuseScore has objects with differing formatting characteristics. Therefore the proposed function should only operate on elements of similar type - pasting the format from a slur to an accidental would not be allowed. The main use case that I foresee would be to duplicate the formatting of text items and perhaps as a first step, its use should be restricted to text items.


I like this suggestion, but meanwhile, do note MuseScore already has the ability to apply formatting to multiple elements at once via the Inspector, or to all elements a given type via its style settings. If you need help doing either of those things, best to continue the discussion in the support forum. But even with those capabilities - which most word processors lack - it could still be useful to copy formatting from one element to a selected set of others after the fact (so, not applying to all at once) and only to a subset of the elements of that type (so, not doable via a style setting).

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Yes, I realise the inspector can set format parameters for several elements at once and have no difficulty doing that,. The usefulness of the paint button would be in having adjusted the formatting for one or more elements, the user can later transfer the formatting from the first to yet another element without having to remember or look up all the settings. The emphasis on "later" is intentional.