copying song to a new file does not work correctly

• Apr 4, 2022 - 09:32

I tried copying a song into a different file but the notes changed after I copied it. Attached are the files: "Take FIve for submit", the file to copy from. "Musescore Template original copy", file I am copying to. "Take Five ver 4", output file (I even tried the nightly beta version, same results)

You will notice the last note in measure five is altered. This altering repeats other times in the song.

I am copying music to a "template" to upload into PianoMarvel.

I ended up copying measure by measure and I was able to get it to work correctly. This is the workaround.

Steps to reproduce:

-Open "Musescore Template original copy"
-Change time signature to 5/4
-Change key signature to 6 flats
-Open "Take FIve for submit"
-Hightlight entire song and copy
-Paste in "Musescore Template original copy"



Measure 5 of "Take Five for submit.mscz" is irregular, having 9/8th only rather then 10/8th (or 5/4th)
So the "Musescore Template original copy.mscz" needs to reflect that.

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