Musescore 3.6 constantly crashing

• Apr 15, 2022 - 01:01

Every 5 or so minutes while working on this file (it happens with other ones as well), Musescore doesn't respond for a few seconds and then closes out. It could be me clicking a note, or applying dynamics, or literally pressing a key. I'm not even giving input sometimes and it just closes. The first few times it asked me if I want to report my crash, and it doesn't anymore. Please help. This is infuriating. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, opening the file in every way imaginable, and nothing's working.

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If you are able to figure out precise steps to reproduce the crash, then we can being investigating. Based on your description of seeing crashes while not even giving input, that suggests the crash happens on an autosave operation. That happens every two minutes normally, but only if you've done any editing, so the operation that triggered the problem could have been anything that happened in those previous two minutes. Disabling autosave won't likely help; then it would just crash on the save. But that would be a decent way to track down the problem. Try saving after each and every operation. Assuming it eventually crashes, you'll know it was the last operation that triggered the problem.

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I'm having exactly the same problem, with Musescore 3.6.2 on a Mac running Big Sur (11.6.8). It's doing it with every score, even new ones, so I don't think it's caused by corrupt files (as suggested by some comments I've found). Autosave seemed the most likely cause but disabling it doesn't make any difference, it still crashes – randomly though, it doesn't crash when I save it manually. I've also tried restoring the defaults but that didn't help either.

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Autosave wouldn't be the cause of a crash - if that crashes, so would a normal save, so either way, you'd be out of luck. This must be unrelated. It could be the "hover text" accessibility option that is enabled on some versions of macOS but that is incomaptible with a number of programs, MuseScore included. So be sure that is disabled.

If that doesn't help, then we'd still need to understand better how to reproduce the problem. Even though it happens with new scores, still, it could be something unusual about your style settings or what you typically do when creating new scores that causes these scores to have problems, so it would still to be useful to post one of the scores with the problem.

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Thanks so much Marc, that seems to have fixed it 😃
I did indeed have 'hover text' enabled, so I've disabled it and haven't had any trouble so far – and I've been working on a couple of scores for over two hours now. ('Hover text' is useful though, so I'll just have to remember next time it happens!)

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I had the same crashing problem if I every tried to use the command key while moving the mouse. I dealt with it by being careful, but it made things like cutting and pasting a big pain. It turns out that hover text was triggered by the command key! I just fixed it after reading this thread. Thank you!

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