copyright line will not print

• Apr 15, 2022 - 17:34

Please help! I am having trouble spacing the score. All of a sudden the "footer" with all the copyright etc. is disappearing when I print... even when I tighten the score up it is still not printing? Please advise. Thank you

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Are you maybe trying to print that A4 score on Letter paper? That is slightly shorter and so may miss the footer (which contains the copyright message)

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I understand it's the same physical printer and paper that you've always used, but its settings, MuseScore's settings, and/or the specific score you are trying to print may well have changed.

As mentioned, this score is set to require A4. If you are using A4 paper, it should print. If you are using Letter paper (8.5x11", the usual paper size in the US), then indeed, it's shorter, and the copyright won't print. If you live in the US - as it seems you do, from previous times you've posted here about printing issues - there is almost no chance you are using A4 paper. You'll need to change the score to use Letter paper, by going to Format / Page Settings. Again, it's the same paper you always use, yes, but this particular score is set to require a different size paper that you don't have. So, you simply need to fix the score, same as you did back in this post -

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