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• Sep 10, 2018 - 14:50

When one create a score without composer, lyrics etc information. After created, re-enter the composer, lyrics etc information, they don't show up on the score display.
Is it a bug ?


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I know how to entry the score properties. The problem that is when user forget enter info. when create a score, then later try to re-enter.
You can try to duplicate on the current version 2.3.2 (WIndow 7 OS):
1. Create new score without composer, lyrics info.
2. Follow the instruction to completion of the new score.
3. Click File ->Score Properties, enter arranger, composer, lyrics information. Click OK
4. composer, lyrics information does not show on the score display

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It's not a bug, it's by design - there may be times you don't want the title displayed in that way. it is possible some future release will provide a new feature allowing this to happen, though, such as by allowing ordinary text like titles to reference score metadata. For now, simply add the title normally, as text (eg, Add / Text / Title).

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I think the design should be rethought.

It seems to me that if a person adds that info to score properties, they DO want it to show.

If you don't want the title properties that way, you should be able to change it, either by deleting or editing. At least the info would be there.

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The "Fix" OP was referring to was more along the line of a feature request. Make the score automatically update when the score properties are updated. We've seen this request a few times and is a reasonable request. I'm about to leave so I don't have time to look for an existing feature request, but IIRC one exists.

I also would have to say that this "not a bug" is nevertheless an unfortunate design decision, one that results in confusing and unexpected behavior. I had to create a brand-new score from scratch and copy the entire chart into the new score to get the composer/lyricist names to appear where I wanted them. (Right click on frame -> Add -> Lyricist failed. Repeatedly.) I am skeptical that there are a significant number of users who want or need a score that does not include music/lyrics names at the top of the score but nevertheless need that information included in the file metadata. Nevertheless, if I'm wrong, I would suggest that a far better solution is to have the initial title frame be a privileged entity. It should ALWAYS include the metadata. If a user doesn't want it showing, then they can delete the default frame and replace it with a standard frame, into which they must type the title, and so forth.

Allowing metatags in places besides the headers/footers would be nice, but does not solve the problem of adding credits after a score is created and them not showing up where many people, including myself, quite logically expect them to appear. I assume this means that if I update the metadata, that, too, will not be reflected on the page itself.

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What went wrong when you tried to add the lyricist text? That sounds like a bug, one I've never heard reported before. If possible, please attach your score and steps to reproduce it. Certainly, you shouldn't have to create a brand new score just to get the lyricist to show up! It's supposed to be trivially easy, and is. Most users probably have no idea there even is file metadata and wouldn't care if the lyricist shows there or not, but they can always go there and add it if they miss it. And yes, I agree it would be better if these were linked, but still, it is easy to add the lyricist, really. And whatever bug was preventing "Add lyricist" from working for you may very well have also prevented it from working even if we did automatically link ti to Score Properties :-)

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I think the problem is, is that I mis-interpreted the context-sensitive menu. To me, "Add Lyricist" obviously meant it would add the name of the lyricist as already recorded in the metadata. I eventually decided what it meant was "Here, I'll let you type anything you want, but I'll format it according to the default for "lyricist" in the style configuration."

If the latter interpretation is correct, then, in fact, I wasted my time. What I want is to be able to UPDATE the metadata and see that reflected on the sheet music, and my understanding is that currently is not how it works.

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Is this the open feature request to connect score metadata / properties to what is used in the actual sheet?

My situation was, added metadata and later wanted to add composer. $:composer did nothing and adding composer opened a blank text field to enter anything. I'd assume this is not what users expect when having a composer in score metadata and then adding a composer via right-click.

Is there a way to +1 an issue or vote for it? Did subscribe.

Please help me! Something is off with my spacing. When I print this score, the "score properties" with copy right etc.--- what I call the "footer" do not show... I want maximum grand staff space , but need that copyright to show in the footer. Please help thank you! Kathleen

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If you are printing on letter paper, then as mentioned above, that is your problem - well, more specifically, the problem is that the score itself is not set to use letter paper. It's set to use A4. So yes, same printer and paper, but different score. Simply fix your score to also use letter, in Format / Page Settings, as described.

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