Pedal text name

• Apr 19, 2022 - 07:36

How do change the pedal " Leo" to any text you want?

I want it to say "Ped" can that be possible?


What pedal "Leo"??
But yes, you can change it, via the line's Inspector, making the Text "Ped" or change to its default of "<sym>keyboardPedalPed</sym>"

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The stylised Ped. symbol can be read as "Leo" if you don't immediately recognise it as the abbreviation "Ped."

For the benefit of the OP, the Begin Text which Jojo suggested produces exactly the correct symbol for a piano Pedal line:

But there are alternative ways to show the Begin Text without using <sym>......</sym>. For example:
con Ped.
con Pedale

Some random Pedal symbols (from
Pedal symbols.png

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