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I now have a mac mini and a mac keyboard it says in the shortcuts palettes F9: the mixer F10: and the play panel F11 I tried those and they only work for volume control if there is no short cut how can I make my own shortcuts


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It's not something specific to MuseScore but true for all programs on Mac as well as some Windows computer - you always need to press Fn to get the function keys to work with programs. There might also be a setting somewhere within macOS to flip that around - so the keys do the normal thing without Fn but operate the volume controls etc when used with Fn. Most Windows computer have such a setting.

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He doesn’t mean literally a key labeled Fxx - it’s like math, the “xx” just stands for any number. In order words, it means F1, F2, F3, etc. So, any time any computer program asks you to press F8 or any function key, you always need to press Fn to make the F8 key work, and same for F7, F6, and all other function keys.

In musescore 3 on MacMini 2020 in the sections in musescore example: 1 Intro: 2. Verse 1 etc...
Is there a way to click on that section in the tool bar or hotkey so we don't have to keep scrolling until we get to that section

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Method 1) Use the Timeline - very useful for all sorts of long distance navigation. See

Method 2a) note the measure numbers you want to jump to and use the Find facility to jump to those measures.
Method 2b) add rehearsal marks at the points you want to jump to and use the Find facility to jump to those rehearsal marks. See

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