Anyone has experience using Netbeans for building MuseScore ?

• Apr 25, 2022 - 17:59

I'm a newbie in C++ and in MS code. In order to not add on top of this the learning of a new editor, I'd like to use the editor I'm the most used to : Netbeans (that I'm using for all my java developments and some of my php developments).
Has someone experience with Netbeans to build MuseScore ?

PS: my purpose is mostly to work on the plugin API.


To my knowledge none of the existing contributors are actively using NetBeans. I'd only opt for it if your very familiar with it and know your way around cmake to ensure you trigger the correct build commands from your IDE.

I would also observe, it is probably 100 times easier to learn a new editor / IDE than to learn enough about how the build system works to be able to customize it to work with your existing IDE.

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