Copying lines without data

• May 11, 2022 - 09:29

Hello, I am writing a score for bass guitar in the bass clef. I have a couple of lines in another score in the treble clef that have the exact same shape as what I need.
When I copy the treble clef lines and paste it into the bass clef, it appears with all the data of a treble clef, with lots of ledger lines above the bass clef, ( as per attached) and I have to do a lot of transposing to get all the notes back in the range of a bass guitar.
Is there anyway of copy and pasting only the shape? I have attached the shape I want to copy

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copy treble.JPG 64.8 KB


Copy/paste copies content, the pitch of notes is part of that. So no, there's no other way than to 'transpose' down an octave here, which is simple enough using Ctrl+down right after the paste

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