Is a Staff with no Instrument Sound Possible?

• May 12, 2022 - 05:02


I am working with both Logic and MuseScore simultaneously; composing in MuseScore, then exporting individual instrument parts as MIDI, dragging those to Logic to use sample libraries and tweak.

Two Questions:

  1. Is that the most efficient way of doing that?
    Every time I make a change I need to make the change twice, once in each program.

  2. Instrument sounds from both programs are being triggered simultaneously and I can't get it to stop.
    When I'm in Logic and play something on the MIDI controller (Nektar Impact LX49), I hear both the sound of the instrument in the chosen track, and also hear the instrument in the last staff selected from MuseScore.

The only workaround so far is to add a blank staff, and turn that instrument's mixer fader to zero. Muting that track doesn't work. This means I still have to make sure to click in that blank staff before switching windows to Logic. No big deal, but it's getting annoying since I'm back and forth b/t the two programs constantly and isn't helping my already-slow-novice workflow.

  • But, is there a way to make it so that when I switch between programs using Command+Tab on my Mac it automatically stops triggering sounds from the program I'm not using at that moment?



  1. You can integrate JACK that would let you playback what you're writing in MuseScore ( Another option that doesn't reuire JACK would be to export the entire score as MIDI and import it as separated tracks on your DAW.

  2. In Musescore (and I'm sure there will be a very similar option in Logic) you can go to Edit -> Preferences -> I/O and there you can set up your MIDI in and out. There's also the MIDI din icon near the playback buttons that you can turn on or off when needed. You could try edit the shortcut of the MIDI trigger with the Command+tab combination

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