Musescore sends VERY LOUD static

• May 14, 2022 - 03:28

My Computer has been acting weird lately.

I installed MuseScore 3 about 7 months ago, and it has been running smoothly with no errors. Now, I used FL Studio to edit some midi, import it to MuseScore, and Play it back. The problem is that everytime I play the song, it will send the notes doubled out of one speaker, and send VERY LOUD static out of the other. I need help fixing this issue quick. The issue started when I installed FL Studio, and I think the problem is that I have installed an extra driver. My I/O options for drivers are: WDM-KS, WASAPI, ASIO, Windows DirectSound, MME. I tried all of them and it still didn't work. I have tried EVERYTHING including:
1. Reinstall the program
2. revert to factory settings
3. reinstall ALL of my audio drivers
4. COMPLETELY reset my computer

I think it's the new driver I installed in the FL Studio Setup that is causing the trouble, but I don't know how to fix it.

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The midi out might be sending playback data somewhere.
Have you tried toggling the top MIDI icon in Musescore? So if the icon shows a blue 5-pin plug, toggle it to the off (non-pressed) state.

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Hitting that button once doesn't always work. Try it a couple of times.
Reinstall almost never works unless it's a problem with the UI. Not your case. You have to delete everything having to do with MuseScore for it to work. Move your scores, of course.
If you suspect the last driver you installed, you can roll it back, or delete it and reinstall later.
In I/O, restart audio and midi.
As to your work flow...
Do you start in MS, export as midi, work in FL Studio, export as what that you reopen in MS?
MXL or midi?
Does the problem only occur with files from FL Studio?

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But my question was this. When you are done in FL Studio, what format do you use to import back into MuseScore. If I understood you correctly, everything was fine until that point. The file from Studio didn't play properly in MuseScore. So what choices do you have for export from Studio? Post a file from Studio that doesn't work and we can try it.

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No. The Minute I installed FL Studio, Musescore started acting weird. once I restarted my computer, opened musescore, this happened: My audio got totally messed up and doesn't work until I restart My computer.

Sorry for being unclear, but I'm currently experiencing tons of tech issues...

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