how to remove 2 of 4 voices from a score

• May 16, 2022 - 09:45

I have a sheet music score that is for soprano, alto, tenor and bass. I would like to take the alto and bass voices out. How do I remove those bars from a score while keeping the integrity other other two?


Press i and in that dialog remove the instruments you don't want.

If it is a 4-staff SATB score, that is.
In a 2-staff slosed score SATB rightclick one note of Alto or Bass, Select > More > Same voice, OK, Del, then repeat the same with the now showing voice 2 rests

Jojo merged my score to SA & TB for Soul of my Saviour yesterday. Perfect but I have three more which I attach.
Could I ask Jojo to merge the three attached but please tell me how to do it. I have tried following the instructions but I now have a spare alto and bass line I do not want and I cannot change the merged SA and TB line names.

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  1. (Optional) Change Soprano 'instrument' to Women (via right-click into the staff, Staff(part properties), change long name to "Soprano/Alto", short name to "S./A." (replace / with a return, linefeed)
  2. (Optional) Likewise with Tenor and Men. If need be, delete the initial clef, so ot gets replased with a bass clef.
  3. Move the Alto staff down, below Men, above Bass (press i)
  4. Select the entire Alto and Bass (select the first measire of both, press Ctrl+Shift+End), use Tools > Exchange voices 1-2
  5. in Selection filter select voice 2 only, select the entire Alto and Bass (select the first measure of both, press Ctrl+Shift+End), Copy, change selection filter to all, select the first measure of Women, Paste
  6. Delete the Alto and Bass staff
  7. (Optional) In the Men staff, right-click a lyrics, select all similar in staff, Del
  8. (Optional) in Format > Style > Lyrics, reduce Min. bottom margin to 1.0
  9. Save

Here done for one of these

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