Bb tuba - verkeerde voortekening

• May 18, 2022 - 12:07

Bb tuba in Fa sleutel geeft de verkeerde voortekening weer (dezelfde voorteking als de ut instrumenten). Bb bass tuba staat niet in de lijst van instrumenten. Iemand misschien een oplossing voor de Bb tuba?

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Note that in most of the world, it is not wrong at all for tuba to show the same key signature as other instruments - in most countries, music for tuba is not transposed. Musicians simply need to learn different fingerings for the different tubas, or transpose the music in their heads. But in a few countries - mostly in Eastern Europe - indeed, music for tubas is transposed. Also in at least one country, it's even written in treble clef. As noted, there are multiple tubas provided; type "tuba" into the search box to see all the options.
You can also set the desired transposition directly by right-clicking the staff and then Staff/Part Properties.

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