Figured bass not showing in full score

• May 19, 2022 - 07:16

Hello, I'm new to notating figured bass with MuseScore. In the attached file, I've inputted figured bass in the Violoncello (in the Continuo part). However, the figured bass doesn't show up in the full score. I've also tried the reverse - adding figured bass to the full score doesn't seem to replicate it in the part score. I'm wondering if this is the intended behaviour? I'd like to have figured bass show up in both places without needing to copy-and-paste, if that's possible. Thanks for the help!

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I see, that seems to work! I'll do that for now unless there's a better solution. Thanks!

Screenshot 2022-05-19 143945.png
There's another peculiarity I've noticed with part scores - if chord symbols, staff text or in this case figured bass are inserted from the full score, the text on the part score is smaller. However, if I click on the text to edit it from the part score, it returns to its intended size (as in the first 7).

I'm not sure if this is caused by the custom styles I'm using but I can't seem to find any settings that may cause the text size to differ between full and part scores. Would you happen to know why this is the case?

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And I believe to have found the culprit, see src/engraving/libmscore/property.cpp, lines 167-176:

    { Pid::FBPREFIX,                false, "prefix",                P_TYPE::INT,            DUMMY_QT_TR_NOOP("propertyName", "prefix") },
    { Pid::FBDIGIT,                 false, "digit",                 P_TYPE::INT,            DUMMY_QT_TR_NOOP("propertyName", "digit") },
    { Pid::FBSUFFIX,                false, "suffix",                P_TYPE::INT,            DUMMY_QT_TR_NOOP("propertyName", "suffix") },
    { Pid::FBCONTINUATIONLINE,      false, "continuationLine",      P_TYPE::INT,            DUMMY_QT_TR_NOOP("propertyName", "continuation line") },
    { Pid::FBPARENTHESIS1,          false, "",                      P_TYPE::INT,            "" },
    { Pid::FBPARENTHESIS2,          false, "",                      P_TYPE::INT,            "" },
    { Pid::FBPARENTHESIS3,          false, "",                      P_TYPE::INT,            "" },
    { Pid::FBPARENTHESIS4,          false, "",                      P_TYPE::INT,            "" },
    { Pid::FBPARENTHESIS5,          false, "",                      P_TYPE::INT,            "" },

and notice the false there, which means to not keep these (figured bass) elements in sync between main score and part

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