adding accompaniment staves

• May 19, 2022 - 15:16

I wrote an anthem without accompaniment. Now I want to add it. I found how to add a stave to a measure, but not the whole document. also how to hide staves, not add them. it should be easy - so I must me missing something. Please help.


I found how to add a stave to a measure, but not the whole document
Mind to explain that? As far as I can tell this is plain impossible, only the opposite is.
also how to hide staves
That though indeed is possible and might give the impression you added a staff only to one system?

It's actually impossible to add a stave to a measure without adding to the whole score. But since you mention hidden staves, it could be you added the staff to the whole score but hid it everywhere else, as Jojo suggests. Hard to say without seeing the score. If you attach it, we can understand and assist better.

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It does look like a Piano though, one instrument with two staves. Not 2 'instruments, Soprano/Alto and Tenor/Bass. That would have a square bracket instead of a curly brace and would not have the barlines between the staves.

But just add a Piano, enter the notes, then use "Format > Style > Score > Hide empty staves"

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well, i've tried that but can't find where to add piano - i know i set up the music incorrectly using piano staff instead of voice. I'm so used to Finale - add and delete were easy, but i really like musescore - my old old finale would not let me use 6/4 as a time signature!But i think i'll just start a new file for the piece with the piano part - i wan't planning on doiing so when I wrote it, but i'll eventually retire and the next director will want the piano part. thank you for your help. I'll eventually feel more able to use musescore.joyce

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