Hairpin on one note

• May 19, 2022 - 15:55

Hi. Don't see a simple way to have a hairpin (or cresc.) on, for example, a dotted whole note. Do I have to have more than one note? Thanks.


Single note hairpins are possible, just select the note and click the hairpin on the palette (or press < or >)
Whether this does sound, depends on the instrument (and the sound used), not all instruments do support single note dynamics

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In measure 70 I see single note hairpins on some invisible rests. What do you expect there, the rests to become louder???
What is the purpose of those invisible rests?

Also if I delete these hairpin, select the rest and press < (or click the hairpin in the palette), they do look different, so how did you apply them?

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It must look different on your end. On mine, the number of beats in bar 70 is fine. This is an export from Logic, so I'm cleaning up some of the notation, but the flute part is divided up into tied notes to make it easier to count in the 12/8 time. The ff marks all appear to me to be at the end of the bar.

You have to have more than one note when you use dynamics though, one note per dynamic, this is what your latest sample score doesn't have, it has 2 dynamics attached to the same (dotted whole) note, the 2nd dynamic (the ff) visually displaced to the end of the measure and then a hairpin "in betweeen" them

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Seems like I'm back to square one. The flute part, which has several tied notes — no problem. But the other wind parts don't allow me to show a crescendo hairpin on the dotted whole note. This doesn't change if I eliminate the mp at the start. So . . . can one put a hairpin on a single note, and if so, how. Thanks so much.

(Don't suppose you do phone calls. If so, I'm at 816 516 2119.)

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So I created a second voice for one of the bars, changed the dynamic markings to refer to that voice, added the hairpin, adjusted its size and location, and made the notes for this voice invisible. Whew! That's one bar. I can't add the final dynamic mark to the next note when it changes to a different dynamic on that note, though I can — with a little fiddling — put the dynamic on a rest mark if that what follows — at your suggestion. I don't care about the playback. Thanks.

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But the ff is not attached to the end of a note. It is at the end of the measure. There's a difference. I suspect you moved it there. Dynamics attach to the start of notes (or rests like the flute part). which is why the hairpin showed after the ff. So you can have the dotted whole note have a hairpin but not with two dynamic attached to the beginning of the note. There's probably a complicated way you could do it graphicly. With hidden this or that. Who knows what it would do to playback. Or you could re-evaluate what you've written.

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The literature is filled with hairpins on one note ending with a dynamic mark. It seems that musescore, which I admire, should be able to handle this more easily.

I now see, in part because of what you wrote, that I can attach two dynamic marks to the same note, move the second, put in the hairpin, and then futz with it.

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MuseScore does handle this quite simply, just add the dynamic directly to the hairpin and enter the desired velocity change on the hairpin using the Inspector. No futzing required.

Of course, most of the time there is a hairpin on one note, the end dynamic occurs on the next note. Only if there is no next note, or if you need a subito change to a new dynamic on that next note, do you need to mess with the Inspector. Still quite simple though.

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