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• May 19, 2022 - 18:02

i was trying to make a black midi, but when I was using a 64 note, I saw it come out of the bar, and when I put a tuplet on it, it went out more. and when I tried to put a note next to the bar, I couldn't put it down. It sounded really bad and distorted when I played it.Then I posted a Forum and a Modarator said I could use Section Range at the Bar.It didn't work when I used it, and there were a lot of tools that had this problem.As an example:Nuance and jewelry,Cabinets,and Finish lines.There have always been these problems since I started.Is there a refund for these or can they be repaired?


Duplicate of, better continue there.
And no, jeetee is not a moderator (there's no such thing here on
And no, nobody there talked about a Section Range at the Bar

there were a lot of tools that had this problem.As an example:Nuance and jewelry,Cabinets,and Finish lines
None of this exists in MuseScore, so I'm affraid I have no idea what you're talking about

Is there a refund
Refund? For a software that is completly free?
Maybe you're talking about and the Pro acount? In that case go there, this here is

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I'm so sorry.I'll tell you a better way for you to understand it better.I'm sorry I told you so badly.When I used that bar, the bar was not working, and when I added more notes, the finish line of my note bar was lengthening.That's why I sent you a forum.Let's say the Score users' bars were all working, but most of mine were not working. Is this a mistake or is it something I did and could have been prevented?

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And the problem is in measure 7, right? Too many notes in too little space to fit the page width.
So either make the page wider or its borders narrower, or reduce the overal space setting, all in Format > Page settings
Or just don't fil a measure with 64th notes... (and 8th and 16ththat are way too low for the instrument to be playable)
Or split the measure, via Tools > Measure > Split measure at selected note

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