Score Audio Not Updating When Uploaded to Website

• May 21, 2022 - 22:14

I have plenty of scores on my page that were made using Musescore 2.0 I made the change to Musescore 3.0 and I've been wanting to go back and update those scores. I cannot update them through the Musescore application itself so I am forced to drag and drop the file onto the website in order to update it.
However, when I do that, the audio of the score does not update. The sheet music changes and that is all good, but the audio of the score does NOT change.
The only solution I found to this was uploading the score to Youtube and using the Youtube audio as an Audio Source. However, since I'm not a Pro Member, I cannot set the video as the default audio for the score and most people aren't going to take the time to swap the audio out.
Any solutions to this problem?


Try this:

  1. Open your score in question on your computer, using the MuseScore.exe program
  2. Open the old score you want updated, on
  3. Copy the web address of that score from the top of the browser window. For example, its address might be
  4. Return to your open score on musescore.exe and click on the "File/Score Properties" tab at the top of the program. Inside, look for the field titled, "Source"
  5. Paste the web address from your old score on, into the "source" field. Click OK.
  6. Now, click on "File/Save Online" in your open musescore program. If this works for you, there should be both an "update existing score", and "update score audio" box to check. If so, check them, click Continue, and you may find that both your score and audio for it will now upload into

If not, then I don't know any other fixes.


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MuseScore 2 is quite obsolte and likely won't even support upload at all much longer. It definitely works with MuseScore 3. Be sure to upload from within MuseScore the Save Online button or menu command. You;ll see a checkbox for "Upload score audio", if and only if you are actually using any non-default soundfonts.

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Wow! Your are saying that if you edit the notation in a score and upload it to the website, you will NOT be able to also upload an audio of the song unless you are using a non-default soundfont? I had no idea. It makes sense because the mixer in the program would be the same whether on your computer or on the website and both would play the song identically with default instruments, unless your song used a soundfont not on the website. Still ... it is surprising. Maybe that is why there is no audio option for this poster. Perhaps all of the instruments he used in his old and new songs, use only the default Musescore soundfont. If so, then no audio update would occur and the website miser would simply read the new score and play it the same as it would on his home computer. Hmmm!

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Precisely! No need to waste bandwidth or the user's time uploading score audio when it's much more efficient to just generate it on the website. So unless you have custom soundfonts (or perhaps other custom synth settings), there is nothing to be gained by uploading audio, hence, MuseScore doesn't bother giving you the opportunity.

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If you didn't use a custom soundfont, then there should be no problem at all. The uploaded audio will use the default soundfont just like your computer does, and hence it should sound the same other than the standard normalization that is applied to pretty much all digitally-distributed audio.

The default soundfont actually didn't change much at all between MuseScore 2 and 3. It changed more from 2.0 to 2.3 than it did from 2.3 to 3.0, and changed very little from 3.0 until now (3.6.2). But, MuseScore 2 doesn't support single note dynamics, which is a huge disadvantage that has nothing to do with the actual sounds of the instruments. With MuseScore 3, single note dynamics work perfectly right out of the box, but if you use a custom soundfont, then you have to understand how it works and fiddle with the settings to make sure everything is compatible.

You say you "cannot update them through the MuseScore application", but you don't say what goes wrong when you try. if it's just that it uploads a new score instead, then it's just the bad "source" filed in Score Properties as mentioned. and that's easy to fix by manually copying and pasting the correct URL.

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I'm not THAT knowledgable with Musescore, I'm only 19. I didn't know the "source" part was an option or what it did before this forum. I've also never had an issue with scores not giving me the option to update already posted scores until I tried updating my older scores. It'd just post a new version (which i don't want). So I thought the only way to update my old scores was by dragging and dropping the new file into the website.

I just tried your soundfont fix however and it did end up working. I forgot I didnt have the High Quality General Soundfont installed and equipped on this computer so I wasnt getting the "update audio" option.

Sorry for the silly mistake, I started using Musescore 4 years ago when I was 15. I'm now 19 and trying to get serious with making music. So I'd like to go back and fix my old scores.
Thank you for your help!

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