Musescore Keyboard Note Input not working

• May 22, 2022 - 17:23

I recently upgraded to a Macbook Pro M1 (2020) which runs on the latest Mac Operating system, Monterrey 12.4, and all of a sudden Musescore's note input using the keyboard freezes up after one input (e.g., say the first note is a half note which you use the keyboard number 6 for, the when you try to change to another note such as an eighth note with the keyboard number 4, it doesn't change and you have to use the cursor to go up and point at the note to get it to respond...extremely slow process!)

I read on another thread that someone who had a similar problem was told to try opening and closing the master palette, which only works for 1 note before it freezes again. Basically, any change you make, such as voices, etc. will allow you one note before it freezes up again. I personally think it might be because you haven't upgraded you software from Mac Catalina (the older Mac operating system) to the newest version, Monterrey. Help!


Have you tried restarting MuseScore? There have indeed been a handful of reports of shortcuts suddenly stopping working on macOS, but it always goes away on restart. So far it's a rare enough problem that no one has found a way to reproduce it, so no one has been able to start working on a fix.

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