Musescore Uploading + Soundfonts

• May 25, 2022 - 04:14

Since I got a new computer and downloaded Musescore, the Upload button on the new Musescore I download is bugged. I am no longer able to sign in within Musescore 3. On the rare occurrence that it does let me sign in, no custom soundfonts are saved to the upload. This in my opinion is a very serious bug. Is there a way to fix this? It happens every time I try to log in within the app


You don't say what goes wrong when you try to sign in, but do be sure you have the user name and password correct. A good way to test is to go directly to, log out, then try to log back in with the same info. Beyond that, for log in issues, you'd need to contact the support team over there on; there's nothing any fellow software users here on can do about that.

As for custom soundfonts, you have to check the box that says "Upload score audio" in order for that to be reflected on the website.

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When I try to sign in it immediately kicks me out of the sign in box and doesn’t show that I signed in. This repeats over and over again. I checked that the username and password are correct and they are. Thing is the upload score audio never shows up. The tab that sometimes shows up is a tab version of the website. Thank you for your help I will contact them as soon as I can.

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I've seen the login thing happen when on a network that has too-tight security settings or similar issues. So maybe try a different network, and/or disabling any anti-virus.

The "upload score audio" box shows up right at the beginning, only if you are actually using custom soundfonts or other non-default synth settings:

Screenshot 2022-05-24 9.36.05 PM.png

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