My musescore doesn't open

• May 25, 2022 - 16:23

I'm working on a score.When I came to work on it today, I saw that the score and musescore score-making site that I just wanted to open had not been opened.Other files we're opening.What do I have to?


Sounds like you are trying to open this score directly from your file browser? Instead, try opening MuseScore directly - using the Start menu or program icon on the desktop - then opening the file from within MuseScore (File / Open). Works fine for me.

You've posted the score you are having trouble with. But in order for us to help, please add a single new comment with the full step by details on how to get this score to cause a problem. Like:

1) reboot computer
2) click MuseScore icon on desktop
3) Go to File / Open
4) select the problem file
5) click "Open"

...or whatever the priecse steps are that we'd need to follow in order to see the problem.

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