Musescore Log in Broken for me

• May 25, 2022 - 18:18

Video below. Log in is broken for me. I have tried everything from disabling firewall and antivirus. To uninstalling and reinstalling. As you can see in the video Musescore 3 doesn't save log in data. Does anyone have a fix for this? Thank you.


Was your video meant to show the login window? It doesn't only the main window itself. You might need to specify you want your "entire desktop" to be recorded rather than just the MuseScore application window.

But also, since the issue is apparently with the score-sharing website, you'd have to ask for help over there on that site, and/or contact their support team directly (

As mentioned in your other topic though, the login and upload procedure are not handled by the open source part of the software, but merely a browser view towards the .com interface.
Issues with logging in should be addressed over on that platform.

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