Hiding time signatures in individual parts

• May 27, 2022 - 12:04


In the previous musescore updates, one was able to hide the time signature in any part they liked. In the current musescore program this feature is not available; when one tries to hide the time signature in one part, it gets hidden in all parts which is not very helpful when one is typing in songlines under each other....

Could you fix this issue in your current musesscore problem, please?

I appreciate your support and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Indeed, I assume you mean "staff" and not "part" here, but also, if it's literally just a single time signature on single staff you want to hide, just Ctrl+click to select it. Regular click selects the time signature across all staves.

It's also not clear why you are trying to do this; on the surface it seems quite unusual and non=standard and likely to be confusing. It's possible what you are actually trying to accomplish is best done a different way entirely, perhaps something like changing the actual duration of the measure instead of playing with time signatures. If you attach your score and describe what you are trying to do in more detail, we can understand and assist better.

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Hi Mark,

As a music teacher, you can use musescore in a rather versatile way. E.g. there is a notation on the folksong Little Liza Jane. The song has 4 lines, which you can perform with the same ostinato. The music sheet I attached has 5 parts: 1 woodblock part for ostinato and the 4 songlines are notated with stick notation this time (it could have been with stave notation, it would not make any difference..) As you can see, the time signature is only displayed in the ostinato part and in the first song line. Still the rhythm of each line is rather easy to read with the same ostinato because everything is exactly under each other. The coloured underlining is added onto the exported .png file, refering to song structure and hence helping with memorising.

Many thanks for showing me the ctrl click on the time signature, and the stave properties where you can switch the time signature on and off.

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Hard to tell much from just a picture - it's better to attach your actual score - but it sure looks to me like those are five separate systems, not one system with five staves. I guess maybe you are thinking of notatiing it that way just to force the rhythms to align? The better way to do that would be with invisible rests in voice 2 - filling each measure with sixteenth for example. This would also be more even than what you show here, and it would play back correctly as well, and other things would work better out of the box.

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