Playback issue

• May 28, 2022 - 17:31

I'm having an issue with playback. When I open the programme and play any one of my pieces, it will happily playback through my laptop's speakers. Once I plug in headphones, however, playback doesn't happen, the panel on the left greys out, and I need to stop and restart the programme to be able to do anything, even after unplugging the headphones. Any other audio source played through the laptop has no issue swapping between speakers and headphones. I'm currently running v3.6.2.548021803, which the programme states is the newest version available.


Instead of restarting Musescore try toggling the Midi button on the toolbar off and on. It looks like a din connector.

Sometimes (often) the operating system does not inform Musescore correctly that the output device has changed. Toggling that button makes Musescore go and look what the output device currently is.

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