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• Jun 8, 2022 - 03:42

Many times, I need to enter a note below a note. When you choose the Add tab there are keyboard shortcuts to add an interval above a note, but no shortcuts to enter an interval below a note. I've tried various methods to do this. Is it possible to add intervals below a note? Or do you have to use the Voices?

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I figured out to add lower notes on the staff. Press P for piano. Press N for note entry. Click on a piano key, say middle C. Press shift and select notes below C. Lift the shift bar. Done.

There are shortcuts you can define in Preferences for adding intervals below (Edit -> Preferences -> Shortcuts -> Enter [interval] below). I use Alt+Shift+number for my shortcut, though you could set it to whatever you want.

FWIW, I have gotten very good at just hitting Ctrl+Down after entering the note with Shift+letter, it's practically second nature to me now. I do occasionally use the mouse if I have a lot of these - perhaps the only time I ever do that for note input. I'm aware I can assign shortcuts to the "interval below" commands, but I don't see myself thinking in terms of intervals when I'm doing this - that seems like it would would break my flow more than Ctrl+Down.

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